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NEWPORT, R.I. -- The 37th Inter-American War Game is currently being hosted and directed this year by the Dominican Republic’s Naval War College. The annual one-sided, internet-based, operational-level game is underway through July 22, and it is intended to share professional expertise among the 14 participating countries. The specific objectives include exploring the challenges associated with performing multinational maritime security and responding to natural and man-made disasters. The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) will host the Inter-American War Game in 2013.
NWC’s Professor Shawn Burns, Assistant Research Professor in the War Gaming Department, and Lt. Cmdr. Nicholas Miller, Game Director in the War Gaming Department, serve as members of the Dominican Republic’s 12-member Game Control Group. 
 Dominican Republic Naval War College, Santo Domingo -- (July 19) Naval War College War Gaming Department members Prof. Shawn Burns and Lt. Cmdr. Nick Miller (front left in photo), collaborate in analysis of country responses with Game Control Team colleagues from the Dominican Republic, Columbia, and Mexico.
The Game Control Group manages game execution by a series of tasks. These tasks include providing input to the development of three game moves, a “move” being a problem presented to each country that needs to be solved; reviewing and assessing individual-country move responses with a goal to identify common themes and misunderstandings among responses and respondents; developing chat questions related to matters identified during the review of move responses; and conducting on-line chat sessions among all participating countries to discuss topics raised during the evaluations of move responses. 
This year’s Inter-American War Game participants hope to promote regional cooperation, enhance mutual understanding through planning multinational naval responses to international crises, develop multinational command and control structures, and analyze impact of relevant national and international laws on naval operations.  

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such professional naval officers in the design and execution of this year’s game,” said Professor Burns.  “Our Dominican Republic colleagues have done an excellent job coordinating and directing all aspects of this year’s Inter-American War Game, lessons from which we’ll apply to the 2013 US NWC-hosted game.” 
U.S. NWC’s War Gaming Department serves as a nexus for broadly-based, advanced research on the naval contribution to national strategy. War Gaming is a unique department of the NWC that is linked to the fleet and policymakers in Washington by serving as a focal point, stimulus, and major source of strategic and campaign thought by examining and evaluating war fighting concepts, doctrine, and tactics through War Gaming.
Written and Posted by Brie Lyons, Naval War College Public Affairs