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NEWPORT, R.I. – U.S. Naval War College (NWC) Professor Dr. Timothy D. Hoyt was named the John N. Brown Chair of Counterterrorism on June 23. 
"The role of the John N. Brown Chair is to support the Naval War College in the study of terrorism and counterterrorism, and to bring specialists in so that our students benefit from outside experts," said Hoyt, who has been at NWC since 2002, teaching in the Strategy and Policy Department. "An additional mission is to cultivate that expertise here as well, and to have students and faculty participate more broadly and effectively in policy and academic debates outside the Naval War College community."   NEWPORT, R.I. -- Dr. Timothy Hoyt was recently named the John N. Brown Chair of Counterterrorism.
Dr. Hoyt will help to create and facilitate these debates with the college and beyond.
Dr. Hoyt hopes to expand NWC efforts by focusing on three different areas: evaluating the threat posed by al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Pakistan and South Asia; examining emerging terrorist threats, including radicalization in Europe and narcotics-related violence in Mexico; and studying how counterterrorism campaigns end, including the recent examples in Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka.
In his capacity as co-chair of the Indian Ocean Regional Studies Group, Dr. Hoyt lectures on a wide range of topics, including strategy, terrorism, maritime warfare, weapons of mass destruction, and contemporary conflict. He also co-teaches an elective course on South Asian security. Before teaching at NWC, Dr. Hoyt taught graduate courses on international security and military strategy at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. 
Dr. Hoyt is the author of "Military Industries and Regional Defense Policy"(Routledge 2007), which examines the relationship between military industry and defense policy in India, Iraq, and Israel. Currently, he is working on a history of the Irish Republican Army from 1909-2009. 
In 1997, he received his Ph.D. in International Relations and Strategic Studies from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced Internaitonal Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins University.

By Margaret Maurer, NWC Public Affairs
Posted by Brie Lyons