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MEXICO CITY - The Naval War College represented the United States in the 36th annual Inter-American War Game, a joint exercise among war colleges from 14 countries in North and South America.
Vice Admiral Jorge Maldonado, Mexican Navy, Director of the Centro de Estudios Superiores Navales (CESNAV), presided over the closing ceremonies in Mexico City and declared that, ”…each of the countries gathered here have growing individual challenges each day, but by working together, such as we are doing here, we can collectively overcome these challenges.”
The Inter-American War Game is an annually occurring distributed war game held with 14 Western Hemisphere War Colleges. Member countries include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, USA, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
MEXICO CITY (July 21, 2010) Cmdr. Dustin Martin presents a briefing at the Inter-American War Game’s conference held in Mexico City from July 20-22. (Photo courtesy of Mexican Navy)The purpose of the game series is to provide a forum to exchange ideas and promote mutual understanding. Specific objectives for this year’s game included an examination of nationally-specific polices and limitations on the employment of forces, and the selection of optimal command and control relationships when operating in a multinational environment.
Cmdr. Dustin Martin USN and Professor Shawn Burns, both of the Naval War College’s War Gaming Department, participated in the game and delivered presentations at the closing conference.
“One of the key lessons of the game from the U.S. point of view was the need to have a plan for how to share information, such as a shared common operational picture, with non-traditional partner nations, especially when those partners are identified after US forces sail,” Martin said. “We need back-up plans on how we’ll share information on-the-fly during deployments.” 
Next year’s game will be hosted by Dominican Republic Naval War College.
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