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NEWPORT, R.I. - A newly-released book offers spectacular photographs of the Naval War College (NWC) in a streamlined publication commemorating the 125th anniversary, designed by NWC faculty, staff and students.
In the style of a coffee table book, “U.S. Naval War College: Illustrated History and Guide,” has snapshots of NWC in various phases of its history, from the College’s early days to its contemporary conferences and symposia, and a multitude of artistic photos and picturesque views of NWC buildings and grounds. In addition to portraits of past presidents, the pages include a text history of the College and feature stories on distinguished graduates.
“It’s a way to take a quick look at the history of the college,” said NWC professor John Jackson, who led the 125th anniversary committee and provided oversight to corresponding festivities. “It was intended to be both a memory book for the people who’ve been here, and also a vicarious tour to the War College,” he said.
The new book is based on a similar publication in 2006 designed by two U.S. Air Force officers who were NWC students at the time. They published an illustrated history as part of a research project, and the College decided to expand upon their work.
“During the planning for the 125th anniversary, we decided it would be a good idea to revise the work,” Jackson said. The College recognized the achievement of the two Air Force students, and saw it as another opportunity to promote NWC’s historic anniversary.
The book is also going to accompany a revision of the book “Sailors and Scholars,” by Maritime History chairman John Hattendorf, which is due out this fall. Jackson said the illustrated history is visually-oriented, while Hattendorf’s book takes a more scholarly, historical approach to examine the history of the War College.
“I think when people look back at how we commemorated the 125th anniversary, they’ll see a more scholarly work and an illustrated history,” Jackson said.
One copy has been added to the Library of Congress, and it includes information about how the War College is organized with information about colleges and many research bodies, and its missions.
The book is available for purchasing through the U.S. Government Printing Office.
By Tyler Will, Naval War College Public Affairs