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NEWPORT, R.I. - The Naval War College (NWC) War Gaming Department hosted a weeklong war game, entitled Global’09, which concluded on July 24. The participants included 40 NWC faculty, staff and students, and over 100 representatives from the Navy and other U.S. military services.

Global, the Navy's Title X War Game, was reinitiated in 2008 to provide a venue to examine maritime issues at the strategic and operational level. NWC conducts the series on behalf of the Chief of Naval Operations. The changing global security environment, especially the development and proliferation of access denial threats, has created conditions in which the Navy needs to reestablish a structured and continuing exploration of new ways to fight that will contribute to programmatic decisions. Title X wargaming is a highly effective means for doing this.

Global'09 was a classified event that examined gaining sea control in a demanding anti-access environment, with the purpose of developing insights that can influence how the Navy organizes, trains and equips its forces. This year’s game indicated that the Navy's understanding of sea control must continue to evolve to deal with potential 21st century challenges, which in turn may have wide-ranging implications for technology acquisition and doctrine development.
Last year’s game, Global’08, was an unclassified event attended by more than 190 participants, including representatives from 19 foreign countries, and focused on examining the implications of implementing the new U.S. Maritime Strategy, A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower. The Global’08 game report, executive summary and game-related magazine articlesare available on the Naval War College's web site.
Navy Title X War Games were held annually at the Naval War College from 1979 to 2001. They were geared toward examining future force structure as part of the Navy’s authority under Title X to man, train and equip naval forces and generally focused on possible military scenarios of the time.
By 2001 the games had become extremely large, making them extremely resource-intensive and cumbersome to execute. The Navy was looking at continuing the war game series biennially, or as needed, when Sea Trial, as part of Seapower 21, moved responsibility for future innovation to U.S. Fleet Forces Command.
Over the past several years Navy and Marine Corps leaders have expressed interest in revitalizing wargaming, including the need for a Navy Title X War Game. Title X war games were subsequently reinstated as part of the Navy Strategic Planning Process.
The college's War Gaming Department is an element of NWC's Center for Naval Warfare Studies, which is a nexus for broadly-based, advanced research on the naval contribution to national strategy. The Center directly complements the curriculum at NWC by providing a place for researching important professional issues which, in turn, informs and stimulates the faculty and students in the classroom. Moreover, from its very beginning, the Center has linked NWC to the fleet and policymakers in Washington by serving as a focal point, stimulus, and major source of strategic and campaign thought, by integrating strategic, campaign, and tactical concepts, by linking strategic concerns with technological developments, and finally, by examining and evaluating warfighting concepts through wargaming.
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