Chinese mine warfare represents a dynamic and ambitious sector within a navy that is plainly making rapid strides toward modernization. It draws extensively on the assimilated lessons of foreign experiences, as well as a surprisingly rich and relevant indigenous history. China's mine inventory is not only extensive but likely contains some of the world's most lethal systems.   
Chinese mine warfare is noteworthy because it is one of a few warfare areas that could, in conjunction with other capabilities, suddenly and completely upset the balance of power in the western Pacific. This study offers a preliminary outline of a Chinese mine warfare doctrine that
include "Scouting, Signaling, and Gatekeeping: Chinese Naval Operations in Japanese Waters and the International Law Implications" and "Comprehensive Survey of China's Dynamic Shipbuilding Industry: Commercial Development and Strategic Implications." 
emphasizes speed, psychology, obfuscation, a mix of old and new technologies, a variety of deployment methods--and that additionally targets very specific U.S. Navy platforms and doctrines.
The China Maritime Studies are extended research projects that the Naval War College Press editor, the Dean of Naval Warfare Studies, and the President of the Naval War College consider of particular interest to policy makers, scholars, and analysts.
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