Professor Martin L. Cook, College of Operational and Strategic Leadership, spoke at a conference of Lutheran Ethicists in Washington, D.C., Jan. 4-5.  The title of discussion was "The Challenges of Asymmetrical War to Just War Theory: Conversations between Ethicists and Military Chaplains." Presenters included Gil Meilaender of Valparaiso University, Gary Simpson of Luther Seminary, David Baer of Texas Lutheran University, and Cook.

Professor Hayat Alvi, National Security Affairs Department, launched a new blog at  She will address topics regarding international relations, political economy, Middle East, South Asia, and Islamic studies.  The views expressed in her blog are her own opinion.

Professor Derek Reveron, National Security Affairs Department, and Professor Toshi Yoshihara, Strategy and Policy Department, spoke at the World Affairs Council of Rhode Island, on Jan. 5.  Reveron led a panel on the topic “Star Power: Securing the Future of U.S. Foreign Policy.”  They explored these questions:

"Around the world there is a growing consensus that China will surpass the U.S. as the Number One global superpower.  This view is especially widespread in Western Europe, where strong majorities say Beijing’s replacement of Washington as the global leader is all but certain.   How is the U.S. responding to this perceived threat to our influence abroad?  What are the implications for the U.S. as a star on the international stage?

"Ten years after 9/11, U.S. foreign policy focuses on exporting security around the world. Beyond  efforts to neutralize al-Quaeda in Afghanistan, U.S. strategy supports sovereign governments by providing them the tools to counter regional instability, terrorism and internal threats to political stability.  Will this keep the U.S. squarely in the spotlight?"


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Posted by Cmdr. Carla McCarthy
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