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NEWPORT, R.I. – A group of faculty members from the Naval War College's (NWC) College of Operational and Strategic Leadership (COSL) is working on the U.S. Navy's Fourth Fleet staff to assist in relief efforts in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.
The group, which was drawn primarily from COSL’s Assist and Assess Team (AAT) and Maritime Staff Operators Course (MSOC) faculty, departed for Naval Station Mayport, Florida, on Jan. 14.
They are providing assistance to the U.S. 4th Fleet Maritime Operations Center (MOC) and the commander, as they respond to evolving Navy requirements and tasking to conduct Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster relief (HA/DR) operations in Haiti.
"The primary role of this team is to assist the NAVSOUTH/4th Fleet staff with manning capacity at their headquarters in Mayport until regular augmentation can be arranged," said Tom Bayley, acting Dean of COSL. "This concept of using NWC folks combined with U.S. Fleet Force’s N70 MOC Training Team, is a powerful enabler as we’ve already built close personal relationships with the MOCs through our regular work with them."
The COSL team is prepared to help with U.S. 4th Fleet MOC actions in the areas of planning, directing and assessing relief efforts.
The U.S. Navy uses MOCs, which are globally networked, to effectively plan, execute and synchronize joint maritime operations through collaboration and information systems intended to enhance the fleet commander's situational awareness and streamline the decision making process.
Comprised of military and civilian staff and faculty, the NWC team offers a wide array of skills and a significant reservoir of staff and military experience to the 4th Fleet staff.
Because of their previous involvement in the evolution of U.S. 4th Fleet's MOC, as part of the MOC Training Team, members of this NWC team are uniquely positioned to augment current relief efforts.
MSOC and AAT continue to be the primary provider of operational level of war (OLW) education for maritime staff operators, whether in Newport classrooms or at the headquarter location in the way of tailored assist visits, ensuring staffs have the requisite knowledge and understanding to execute a wide range of maritime-related missions.

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