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NEWPORT, R.I. - Last October’s East Coast snowstorm was a wake-up call for some in the Northeast and in the local area that winter is not far away.

Before any significant accumulation arrives, make sure you know where to go for information regarding weather impact on operations at your place of employment.

In the event of significant snow fall, procedures for traffic control, snow removal and parking will go into effect. When possible, the Naval Station Newport Commanding Officer attempts to make a determination on base operation changes the evening prior to the start of the work day.

If the storm is either worse than anticipated, or impacts operations in an unforeseen manner (power outages/traffic hazards) then the decision will be made no later than 5 a.m. that day.

In Snow Conditions, routine operations may be suspended to ensure that emergency lanes are not blocked by stalled vehicles to facilitate snow removal and to expedite recovery operations.

Make sure you know what is expected of you in the event of base delays – check with your supervisor now and not the morning of the storm.

Please remember to park vehicles on the perimeter of lots to facilitate plowing.

It is important to note that the condition posted for Naval Station Newport may not be the same for all tenant commands.

At the Naval War College (NWC), if the naval station limits operations to essential personnel, we typically follow suit. However, there may be times that the Naval War College implements a closure or delay more stringent than the naval station for a variety of factors.

Here’s how to find information about NAVAL WAR COLLEGE delays, closings, and emergencies:

The Naval War College subscribes to an emergency notification service that is used in the event of inclement weather delays or closures or other emergencies to send a voice or text message to phones and/or email accounts.  Students, staff, and faculty can sign up or disenroll while logged onto the network at http://nwcintranet/content/EmergencyContact/.  The registration page is located under “User Tools” on the Intranet.  The incoming call for this service will register as 401-841-2000.

The Command Duty Officer (CDO) will provide emergency or weather-related condition changes at the college with a voice mail message on this line: 401-841-2000.

Announcements are also made through the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association Business and School Cancellation System as a public service. Participating stations announce or publish the most up-to-date listing of weather-related impacts throughout the state for closures and delays. For example, you can log onto any of the TV station (;; websites to view this closures and delays listing.  The messages are very brief, and for NWC found under the Colleges heading.

Detailed information may also be available on You do not need to have an account to view the information posted there, but you are highly encouraged to follow NWC’s fan page if you are a Facebook user.

Here are avenues that the NAVAL STATION uses to put out weather impact information:

BASE CONDITION LINE: Once a base condition decision is made, the naval station CDO will update the base condition line (841-2211) and notify all tenant command CDOs.

R.I. BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION: The base status, which often is published just ahead of NWC’s status, is also available through radio and TV.   Again, you can log onto any of the TV station websites and view their closures and delays listings or watch their programs. The status of Naval Station Newport is under the Government section of the list.

FACEBOOK – NAVAL STATION NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND: View the Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island “Facebook” page at:  This is also a great resource for finding out general information on activites around base.  

From U.S. Naval War College and Naval Station Newport Public Affairs