NEWPORT, R.I. – More than 60 professors from around the nation converged on Newport last week for the U.S. Naval War College’s (NWC) annual Fleet Professors Workshop sponsored by the College of Distance Education (CDE).
The three-day workshop, held Aug. 13-15, allowed faculty members from 20 locations to meet and plan for the year ahead.
“It’s an opportunity for all of the professors to see each other, to take a look at the requirements for the course,” said Professor Ron Oard. “It’s a time to listen, review and revise the course as needed.”
The workshop also allowed new faculty members to become fully integrated into the NWC’s distance education programs. 
“We’re getting all sorts of expertise, from the Peloponnesian War to the modern war on terrorism,” said Evan Renfro, a new faculty instructor. “This workshop allows me to become oriented with NWC, and to our peers, some whom have been here for decades. This is invaluable mentorship.”
The CDE encompasses four different programs: the Fleet Seminar Program, which exports the Newport program to 20 sites around the United States; a web-enabled course, which connects professors and students online; a CD-ROM course designed for shipboard and overseas-deployed students; and the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. The programs are modeled on the Newport resident-program. 
“We export the education to where the people are,” said Professor Stan Carpenter. “Our goal is to bring joint professional education to officers who are unable to attend the year-long resident course in Newport.” 
NWC’s distance education classes are available to active and reserve military officers pay grade O-3 and higher, Department of Defense civilians and congressional staffers. 
Last year, more than 5200 students from around the world were enrolled in CDE classes.

Posted by Rosalie Bolender
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