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The Navy captain in charge of the operation carefully looked over the staff reports and recommendations as Cow Kevin Klenk and his fellow staff officers, mostly majors and lieutenant commanders attending the Naval War College in Newport, R.I., anxiously waited for approval of their plan.
NEWPORT, R.I. (August 4, 2010) West Point DSS Cadet Kevin Klenk shares his NWC experience with Rear Adm. Phil Wisecup (Courtesy Photo)Klenk and his counterparts had just spent a week developing and refining a Joint Operations Plan to bring humanitarian aid to a starving North Korean population after the collapse of the government and regime change.
This was all part of the culmination exercise of the Intermediate Level Education course at the college.
During his Advanced Individual Academic Development program, Klenk was able to join the ILE class during its final two weeks.
This experience included several staff planning sessions, multiple graded Joint Operations Plan briefings and several final lectures on joint planning.
In addition to his academic experience, Klenk served as an assistant to the dean’s office for the Current Strategy Forum, which is an annual two-day forum hosted by the War College featuring talks by experts in the field of strategy and policy.
Klenk was able to meet and converse with numerous noteworthy speakers, including Rear Adm. James P. Wisecup, President of the Naval War College; Adm. Gary Roughead, the Chief of Naval Operations; Gen. James F. Amos, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps; the Honorable Raymond Mabus, Secretary of the Navy; and Hew Strachan of the University of Oxford.
“My time in Newport afforded me the opportunity to learn from numerous important military leaders and academic luminaries,” Klenk said of his time at the ILE course at the Naval War College. “(I) participated in briefings and discussions that are pertinent to our national security.”
Submitted by Defense and Strategic Studies/Department of Military Instruction