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NEWPORT, R.I. -- A team of six U.S. Naval War College (NWC) faculty embarked the 7th Fleet command flagship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) while underway at the invitation of the 7th Fleet staff from March 9 -16.

The trip’s purpose was to provide training in the team’s various fields of expertise and observe 7th Fleet Maritime Operations Center during its daily operations.  All elements of the NWC team provided in-depth briefings to the Seventh Fleet staff to share their knowledge, increase the awareness of all participants, and spur discussions on the topics presented.  

From left to right:  Prof. Don Fennessey, CDR John Sullivan, Prof. Rich Keltner, VADM Scott Swift, Prof. Jim Fitzsimonds, Prof. Peter Dutton, Prof. Jonathan Will. (Photo courtesy 7th Fleet Public Affairs)Professor Peter Dutton, Director of the China Maritime Studies Institute, gave four insightful lectures on current Chinese strategic, social and military issues, and led discussions among the entire staff and senior leadership.  Professor Jim Fitzsimonds from the Warfare Analysis and Research Department presented an update on the latest wargaming results that apply to the Seventh Fleet area of operations and gained greater situational awareness of current operations.  

Professor Jonathan Will and Cmdr. John Sullivan from the College of Operational and Strategic Leadership (COSL) Assist and Assess Team (AAT), and Professors Rich Keltner and Don Fennessey from the Maritime Staff Operators Course provided refresher training in Maritime Operations Center Integration, the Navy Planning Process and Operational Assessment.  COSL’s AAT supports Maritime Operations Center training for the fleet commands and shares effective practices across those entities.  

At the end of the underway period, the team out briefed with the entire staff sharing what they had learned and expressed their gratitude for the openness and the hospitality of the staff.

As part of a most pleasant reunion, Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet, Vice Adm. Scott H. Swift, recounted the time he spent as a A-7E Corsair flight student of Professor Fennessey, who was then a lieutenant commander, in Lemoore, Calif. in 1981.  Vice Adm. Swift commented that he appreciated the efforts of the team and looked forward to future engagements. 

From College of Operational and Strategic Leadership
Posted by Cmdr. Carla M. McCarthy