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The Operational Support Office directs the management and planning of the 2 week-long Operational Support Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) courses attended by Reservists at the Naval War College and provides coordination support to those colleges, centers, and departments that conduct the courses.



21 April – 2 May 2014




2 - 12 September 2014


1 – 12 December 2014


27 April – 8 May 2015

How to Apply

Ensure application procedures are followed as outlined in COMNAVRESFORINST 1520.6 (link below for CAC-enabled access). Application with Commanding Officer's endorsement should be submitted directly as outlined in the Solicitations Message from COMNAVRESFORCOM N7. Facsimiles and E-mail transmittals in lieu of paper mailings are encouraged. For the latest N7 messages soliciting for RC applicants to all NWC JPME I/II opportunities, click on the following link to CNRFC N7's page (CAC log-in required; use email cert):

COMNAVRESFORCOM will select attendees via a formal selection board.  Selection results will be published via a NAVRESFOR message.  Members are encouraged to attend using Annual Training (AT) if still available.  Active Duty for Training (ADT) funding will be provided by CNRFC N7 for personnel in a pay status, Voluntary Training Unit (VTU), and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).  Officers serving on Active Duty (AC,FTS,MOB/Recall) must be on orders funded by parent command.

Course Descriptions

Theater Security and Decision Making (TSDM)

A 12-day executive development course focused on preparing officers for intermediate level command and staff assignments.

Selection of concepts and materials is predicated on the belief that an effective commander or staff officer does not apply discrete disciplines, but rather is required to synthesize many disciplines relevant to different situations. For this reason, the TSDM course employs a multi-discipline approach, synthesizing selected concepts from political science, leadership, psychology, management, anthropology, and other related disciplines. All content focuses on making and implementing critical decisions within the command and staff environment. Areas selected for special attention are:

  • The tools of national power including Diplomatic, Information, Military and Economic (DIME).
    Regional expertise and cultural awareness from a combatant commander’s perspective.
  • An understanding of the tools associated with critical thinking and deciding among complex defense issue alternatives.
  • Clear and effective writing skills.
  • Staff structures, processes and procedures, and the skills necessary to excel in the staff environment.
  • Management techniques and skills that complement leadership skills.
  • The defense resource planning and allocation process and its relationship to staff functions.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have earned approximately 50% of their TSDM JPME Phase 1 requirements as determined by the Naval War College, College of Distance Education.

Strategy and War (S&W)

A 12-day study of the complex, global, and multi-national interactions focusing on strategic and political interests and goals and the way diplomacy and military force has been and may be used to serve those interests and goals.

The course content centers on the analytical study of war. It includes the following:

  • The study of the works of Sun-Tzu, Clausewitz, Mahan and Corbett.
  • The analysis of strategic choices made during various historical conflicts.
  • The impact of intended and unintended circumstances evolving from these strategic choices.

The objective of this course is to acquaint officers with the fundamentals of foreign policy from an historical and contemporary perspective. The purpose of this methodology is to demonstrate the perennial dilemmas facing statesmen and senior officers in exploring the full range of options available to decision makers in the fields of policy and strategy. The student will gain a broader understanding of the strategic environment and enhance his/her capability to participate in it.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have earned 100% of their S&W JPME Phase 1 requirements as determined by the Naval War College, College of Distance Education.

Joint Maritime Operations (JMO)

The Joint Maritime Operations Reserve Officer Course is an intensive 12 day series of seminars, lectures, and practical exercises intended to enhance a students’ ability to plan the employment of U.S. military forces across the range of joint and combined military operations. The course begins with a fast-paced review of the theory of joint operational warfare, operational law, and an overview of the capabilities and limitations of U.S. forces. This review supports a joint force planning exercise that comprises the main focus of the course. In this exercise, students play
the role of planners at the operational level of war, using the Joint Operational Planning Process (JOPP) to plan a joint/combined military operation in response to a fictional crisis scenario. Students develop a concept of operations, choose and develop a course of action (COA), and produce a notional Operations Order assigning tasking to subordinate units.

Course objectives:

  • To enhance the ability to apply critical thought in the planning and conduct of joint military operations at the operational and theater-strategic levels of war.
  • To develop facility with the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP) at the operational
    and theater-strategic level.
  • To enhance the ability and expertise to select, allocate, and task military forces across the
    spectrum of conflict.
Successful completion of this course earns students approximately 30% of their JMO Joint Professional Military Education Intermediate (JPME 1) requirements as determined by the Naval War College, College of Distance Education. Specifically, this course is the functional equivalent of blocks 5 and 6, Military Decision Making and Planning, and Operations Order Development, of the College of Distance Education’s JMO course. Though not mandatory, it is in the student’s best interest to be enrolled in either the NWC College of Distance Education CD-ROM based or WEB-enabled JMO course and have completed blocks 1 through 4 prior to arrival. Information about the CDE programs can be found at CDE.

COMNAVRESFORINST 1520-6 - Procedures for Applying and Selecting Officers to Attend Professional Military Education (PME) Courses (CAC Enabled)




The following information is a quick reference guide to assist Operational Support Officers in understanding the different JPME programs available at NWC, as well as the most up-to-date procedures for applying to these programs. You are reminded this is a Command and Staff Level Course.


To successfully complete JPME Phase 1 through NWC College of Distance Education (CDE) programs, three core course must be completed:

  • Strategy and War – S&W
  • Theater Security Decision Making – TSDM
  • Joint Maritime Operations – JMO

All of these core courses are offered within each of the CDE programs (CD-Rom, Web-Enabled, and Fleet Seminar).

Detailed information on each of the CDE programs can be found at CDE.

The 2-week courses are offered as a supplement to the CD-Rom or Web-Enabled programs.  Officers selected to attend one of the RO/JPME courses will come to NWC for a 2-week in-residence course and will leave with partial credit in the applicable core course (S&W, TSDM, or JMO). They are then expected to complete the applicable follow-on CD-Rom or Web-Enabled program for JPME Phase 1 certification.

If you have previously completed one of the three core course, (JMO, TSDM, or S&W) you may continue with the remaining core courses, within the same program (Web to Web, CD to CD, FSP to FSP) without selection by the CNRFC board.  



Board Requirement:

Office Chief of Navy Reserve (OCNR) has directed that Reserve Officers must be board selected by CNRFC to be eligible for all 2-week RO/JPME courses.  CNRFC will promulgate selection board information via message traffic.


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