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Welcome to Naval War College, Newport, RI.


Berthing and Messing –

Both are normally available on base and utilization is directed unless berthing is full. You must contact Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS) directly to reserve lodging or to obtain a CERTIFICATE OF NON-AVAILABILITY (CNA) prior to arranging commercial lodging. NGIS number is (401)841-7900.


What is the per diem allowance? Per diem is paid at the Proportional Meal Rate (PMR) for all personnel on ADT orders residing in government quarters. Excluding lodging this is currently $39 per day. PMR IS NOT PAID on AT orders.


What are the uniform requirements? Uniform requirements vary widely based on the billet you fill.  Normally students and those filling academic billets report in the uniform of the day, but are otherwise in civilian informal (business attire).  You will need to contact the department you are working in to confirm the uniform.  Others are generally in the uniform of the day for the duration of their orders.  The uniform of the day is as follows:



Service Dress Blue (first Monday in October to first Monday in May)

Service Dress Whites (first Monday in May to first Monday in October)

Summer Whites (first Monday in May to first Monday in October)

Khakis are a year round uniform


E6 and below:

Service Dress Blue (first Monday in October to first Monday in May)

Summer Whites (first Monday in May to first Monday in October)

Navy Service Uniform (NSU) is a year round uniform

Security Personnel: Navy Working Uniform (NWU)

* Ensure you check current NAVADMINs for changes in uniform requirements/deadlines.


Is a security clearance required? While not all events require classified access, many do and the College generally requires a security clearance for all Operational Support Members.  If we tell you a clearance is required, a clearance/visit request should be provided by your supporting NOSC at least one month prior to your visit or as directed by the OSO Security Clearance Coordinator.


Please Remember -

· NSIPS Dependency Data (required to be verified within 180 Days)

· If berthing on base unavailable, a CNA is required from the CBQ

· When checking into NWC, please let the OSO personnel know that you have a CNA so we can mark berthing not available when endorsing your orders.

· If you need advance pay you will have to make arrangements prior to coming to Newport. You will need to contact your NOSC to fill out the appropriate paperwork. We can NOT handle this for you.