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NEWPORT, R.I. - Several Naval War College (NWC) student authors are publishing pieces in an online journal on topics ranging from leadership to an FBI agent’s recollection of being in New York City during the September 11 terrorist attacks.
The journal is called “/Luce.nt/”, which evokes the benefits of scholarship while alluding to Adm. Stephen B Luce, a pioneer in the creation of NWC and also the college’s first president.
The fall 2011 edition features five articles and easily lends itself to the diversified student body at NWC. An online-only journal, the authors are NWC students; submissions are reviewed by a student committee, who maintain the journal as an elective course in their program of study. 
“This is an avenue for the national security team—not just military but civilians too—to put forth their ideas on what we can do better,” said Lt. Cmdr. Paty Ajoy, NWC student and co-editor of the journal with Lt. Cmdr. Paul Clarke, another student.
Indeed, the articles introduce fresh perspectives on thought-provoking topics. “One Ocean, Two Shades” presents a hypothesis that US political calculus ought to shift toward the Indian Ocean, which offers mutual benefits with India in the political, economic and security realms, in addition to ready access to nations of US interest, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.
Another article features one of NWC’s June 2011 graduates who is a supervisory FBI agent previously assigned to New York City. The student vividly recalled the attacks on September 11, 2011 and published the article to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the attacks.
“I heard a roar and saw a large black and grey tidal wave of debris and smoke turning corners and moving through the plaza towards me,” Special Agent Vadim Thomas said of the collapse of the South Tower of the World Trade Center.
The theme of the latest issue is “Evolution.” Ajoy and Clarke emphasized that submissions should address some kind of change, and intentionally kept the theme broad to attract dynamic content. Among general criteria the pair look for in choosing submissions for publication are works that are engaging, focused on national security, original, and are relevant to the edition’s theme.
Clarke and Ajoy said all of the submissions were of high quality. 
“The people who come here, the students, have been a part of amazing things,” Clarke said, adding that the journal aims to capture the recent operational experience of students.
Plans call for inclusion in the future of work by students at other war colleges and military students in study at civilian universities.
Luce.nt is managed by a small team of students and advised primarily by Professor Donna Connolly, director of NWC Writing Center.