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Foreign Policy Research Institute
The ‘Tamil Nadu Factor in China’s Naval Basing Ambitions in Sri Lanka | by Joan Johnson-Freese
China’s capabilities for naval force projection in the Indian Ocean are dependent on closer Sino-Sri Lankan relations, relations not benefitting India given long-standing Sino-Indian disputes.
European Union Institute for Security Studies
Look East, Act East: transatlantic agendas in the Asia Pacific | by Andrew Erickson

The EUISS is pleased to present the final report prepared in the framework of the research project ‘Look East, Act East: transatlantic strategies in the Asia Pacific’ carried out at the EU Institute for Security Studies since January 2012.

Foreign Policy Research Institute E-note
Beyond Budgets: Legacies Impacting American Defense Policy | by Derek Reveron

In spite of more than a decade of combat operations, looming budget reductions, and a variety of social changes, the military remains a powerful tool for American presidents and they have not been loathe to use it.

The Atlantic
The Year in Vladimir Putin | quotes Nikolas Gvosdev
"We end the year with more questions than we began the year with. Are we looking at clan wars? Are we looking at a purge? Are we looking at a complete reshuffling of the system? Coming into 2013, we have to say that all bets are off," Gvosdev said.
World Politics Review (subscriber only - works within NWC domain)
The Realist Prism: Selling U.S. Diplomacy to Congress | by Nikolas Gvosdev
Stars and Stripes (Associated Press)
Disputed Asian islands once had strategic military role | quotes James Holmes
"I think we have come to a point where maintaining cordial ties with China trumps lesser concerns for many in official Washington," said James Holmes of the U.S. Naval War college in Newport, Rhode Island, writing in an email. "No U.S. government agency sees a pressing stake in Taiwan anymore."
China SignPost
Are mining companies on target as they look to India to help compensate for China's lost commodity demand growth? | by Andrew Erickson
China’s economy continues to produce a chorus of negative news—slowing earthmover sales, weak coal demand, and a broader acceptance by the leadership that the country appears to be moving onto a path of slower economic growth.
AOL Defense
The Sky's Not Falling On Satellite Exports: The Ghost Of Anti-China Paranoia Past | by Joan Johnson-Freese
The U.S. aerospace industry got an early Christmas present this week, when House and Senate conferees approved defense authorization legislation that gives the President discretion to determine export jurisdiction for satellites.
China Sign Post
China Military Jet Engine Development Overview: An eReader | by Andrew Erickson
For the past two years, we’ve worked hard to bring readers cutting edge analysis of China’s military jet engine development. The motivations for our focus are clear. First, to the best of our knowledge, no other open source publications have performed this sort of in-depth analysis of Chinese military and commercial jet engine development.
Foreign Policy Research Institute
2012 Defense Strategy Review & FY 2013 Defense Budget Request: Strategy & Fiscal Constraints | by James Cook
Regardless of whether one is a supporter or a critic, some additional analysis regarding the formulation of the new defense strategic guidance is useful to better understand the rationale for changing defense priorities, the magnitude and impact of these changes within the Department of Defense (DOD), and the review process itself.
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Impromptus and Asides: Why the War of 1812 Matters | by Mackubin Owens
Today, Korea is often called “the forgotten war.” But a better candidate for that title—if not for the “ignored war”—is the War of 1812. So as we mark the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, we can expect reenactments of great battles and commemorations of such events as the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address.
Disputes over small islands pose big conundrum for U.S | quotes James Holmes
The longer-term dilemma for the United States is avoiding conflict with China while protecting the integrity of the global system in the face of Chinese "salami tactics of taking little slices when it can," says James Holmes, a specialist on maritime strategy at the U.S. Naval War College in Rhode Island.
Human Rights Group Calls for Worldwide Ban on Autonomous Weapons Systems | by Maj. Jeff Thurnher
Human Rights Watch, a prominent human rights advocacy group, published a report last month entitled “Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots” which calls for a preemptive ban on all fully autonomous weapons systems. The report, which was jointly published with Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic, asserts that fully autonomous weapons systems are inconsistent with the law of armed conflict and pose too significant of a threat to civilians.
Foreign Entanglements | interview with Nicholas Sarantankes
On Foreign Entanglements, Rob speaks with Nicholas Sarantakes, author of the new book Making Patton. Nick discusses the creation of the film Patton, including the disputes between the producers, the Army, and surviving figures like General Omar Bradley.

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